Pink Braided Android Charger Cable - 3ft

This  Pink Braided Android Charger Cable gives you a quick and convenient way to recharge your Android .

Perfect for the lover of the feminine and dainty, the Pink Braided Android Charger is a reliable phone charger that has three feet of length to allow you to move around while it charges. It has been braided to ensure durability and plugs easily into all USB ports.

  • ComputerCavalry's Micro-USB cables allow you to connect to cell phones, GPS systems, PDAs, OTG devices and digital cameras using the Micro-USB connection.
  • The Micro-USB connector's small form factor is ideal for today's small portable devices while offering better performance than previous USB standards.
  • Whether you are replacing a lost cable or looking for a second cable for the office, these cables allow you to quickly and easily transfer data or charge your device

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