White Braided Micro-USB Android Charger - 3ft

This  White Braided Micro-USB Android Charger - 3ft gives you a quick and convenient way to recharge your iPhone.

Simple and sleek, the White Braided Micro-USB Android Charger is a great charger for those who love crisp, clean minimalism. The charger has a braided three-foot-long body that gives it incredible strength and additional room to move while it charges. Use it with any USB port at home or on the go.

  • ComputerCavalry's Micro-USB cables allow you to connect to cell phones, GPS systems, PDAs, OTG devices and digital cameras using the Micro-USB connection.
  • The Micro-USB connector's small form factor is ideal for today's small portable devices while offering better performance than previous USB standards.
  • Whether you are replacing a lost cable or looking for a second cable for the office, these cables allow you to quickly and easily transfer data or charge your device

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