Nylon Braided Android Charger Family Pack - 3ft

This  Nylon Braided Android Charger Family Pack gives you a quick and convenient way to recharge your Android .

Give every member of your family the strength and reliability of charging their phones with this Nylon Braided Android Charger Pack. With black, white, pink and gold options, you can be sure there are ones to suit any tastes, and you'll never have to fight over who gets the charger next.

  • ComputerCavalry's Micro-USB cables allow you to connect to cell phones, GPS systems, PDAs, OTG devices and digital cameras using the Micro-USB connection.
  • The Micro-USB connector's small form factor is ideal for today's small portable devices while offering better performance than previous USB standards.
  • Whether you are replacing a lost cable or looking for a second cable for the office, these cables allow you to quickly and easily transfer data or charge your device

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